Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

Death and grief require witnesses. Grief can be seen as a way of loving, and loving as a way of grieving. Grief is a wisdom, not a coping skill.

Grief work begins as soon as the terminal diagnosis is known. Resolution of grief is important and it can be achieved through helping the patient and family to find meaning in the life of the dying. Often a legacy project can be initiated and worked on by the entire family in whatever way is possible at this time. It should be something that is personal and significant for the patient and the family. Hospice can help to create this environment, and it can be ultimately healing. Grief can be turned into creating legacy and memory, often alleviating regret after the death. Loss is inevitable, suffering is optional.

The Hope Springs Hospice Bereavement program provides support to patients and their families for up to 13 months after the death of their loved ones. Our End-of-Life Doula program offers a unique approach to creating a plan for patients at the end of their lives. In addition, we provide online support, which allows for more flexibility and accessibility.


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