What We Do

Hope Springs Hospice manages care for patients who have a life-limiting illness, and provides guidance and education for both patients and their loved ones. We promote the highest quality of life for our patients by striving to meet their physical and emotional needs through an interdisciplinary team that focuses on providing pain relief, symptom management, spiritual care and emotional support.

We provide skilled nursing services, home health aides, medical equipment, and hospice related medications and other supplies, and other services necessary to improving the quality of life for our patients.

Comfort can take many forms, and what is needed in the moment may not always be evident beforehand. Hospice is not a one time decision, but a changing and evolving process as a person moves towards death. In the United States, we generally live with a cultural fear of death, which offers little comfort to us in understanding how to receive death at the end of our lives. Few enter the dying process from a position of knowledge. We can all benefit from a guidebook and guidance through this process.

The Hospice Team

The hospice team provides support not only to the patient, but to the loved ones who are family, friends, or caregivers. We offer services that address the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of all who are involved. The hospice physician oversees the plan of care and provides management of pain and other symptoms. Nurses ensure that the physical symptoms of the disease are managed so that the patient is as comfortable as possible. Home Health Aides provide personal care to patients in their home, such as bathing, or grooming, or feeding. Social workers help the patient and loved ones to tie up loose ends, make difficult decisions, and access proper resources.  Chaplains provide guidance through focusing on the spiritual aspects of dying. Volunteers offer companionship through the simple act of being present, and provide support to the patients and their families in various ways.

We understand that the family may be the primary caretaker for the patients. We are here to provide support and to help minimize the fear of the unknown. Our goal is to help maintain the emotional equilibrium of the patient and the family as they go through the traumatic experience of progressive disease, and ultimately the final separation of death.

With hospice, family members are a part of our team. As part of the team, they:

  1. participate in the treatment and care of the patient.
  2. are encouraged to stay involved, such as continuing to cook special meals for the patient.
  3. are allowed unlimited visiting so that the larger family and community, including children and animals, can participate.
  4. dare provided special social and educational support when appropriate.

Our Vision and Mission

The mission of Hope Springs Hospice is to provide excellent end-of-life care by treating mind, body, and soul. We will utilize the combined strengths of patients, families, community, and hospice team.  This powerful combination will empower patients and loved ones to heal and grow during this transitional time.

Hope Springs Hospice will create an innovative approach to care that is sustainable and teachable.  We will remain dedicated advocates to our patients, families, and the communities that support them.


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